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Martha Pfanschmidt / Nancy Wilkins

Cosmic Pinball

September 1-27, 2020

Exhibition Details

In Waterstone Gallery’s September exhibition, ”Cosmic Pinball”, Martha Pfanschmidt (encaustic paintings and collage) and Nancy Wilkins (metal sculpture) ponder the randomness and uncertainty of life. In their respective works, they use swirls, circles, spheres and angles to describe how we all seek order and balance in a life we ultimately (and COVID-clearly) cannot control. Despite all life’s uncertainty, we can enjoy the ride as we are flung through space and time directed by flippers and bumpers, lights flashing and sounds popping as we try to tilt the machine in our favor.


September 1, 2020
- September 27, 2020

Featured Artist(s)

Martha Pfanschmidt, Nancy Wilkins
Nancy Wilkins "House of Cards"
Martha Pfanschmidt "Rooted"